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Basketball Lesson - Dribbling and Shooting

The second lesson will focus on the dribbling of the ball in both stance position and movement. By the end of the lesson students will understand the importance of being able to control the ball when dribbling and will understand the technique required for a successful shooting. Pre-lesson organisation • Basketballs - ensure all balls are pumped up

Basketball Dribbling Activities

On the "go" signal, each student will pick up a basketball and dribble it two times, leave it, move to another ball and dribble it two times. The object is to keep all of the basketballs moving until the stop signal. To add a challenge, the teacher can point to a stationary basketball and start counting out loud.

Basketball Dribbling Drills for Beginners (Easy Drills) - YouTube

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Basketball Dribbling Lesson Plan - XpCourse

Lesson Plan : Basketball Dribble. Teacher Name: Mr. Wynn: Grade: Grade 9-10: Subject: PE and Health: Topic: Today we will be discussing and learning how to do a basketball dribble. Content: Today's content will follow our basketball theme. Focusing on dribbling the ball. Key terms will include: dribble, crossover, and the proper procedures to ...

Basketball Drills Dribbling Techniques Lesson Plans | Sportplan

These Dribbling Techniques Lesson Plans are available: Pre Season Skills: Ball Handling, Passing and Scoring "Teams are made in the season, players are made in the off season" - Use this session to develop your players ahead of the new season.

Fifth grade Lesson Fundamentals of basketball: dribbling and ...

Activity 1-Dribbling. Students line up in six lines on the baseline. Each student in the front of the line should have a basketball. Students will dribble down the court in a variety of ways. Each drill will be done 3 times. *Remind students to keep their head and eyes up while dribbling so they don't run into anybody.

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Basketball Dribbling Drills Use the fingertips, and not the palms of the hand Keep the head and eyes up - do not look at the ball learn to use both hands

10 Basketball Lesson Ideas for PE - S&S Blog

Basketball Lesson Ideas for PE Card Sharks Basketball Passing – Practice chest and bounce passes using a deck of cards. Dribbling Beanbag Transfer – This lesson helps teach students how to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling a ball.

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