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Five Places To Recycle Tennis Balls - Green Eco Services

ReTour Tennis founded in 2014 was created to help save Tennis balls from going into our landfills. They work with park and recreation departments, tennis clubs, home-owners associations and others by setting up bins at the tennis court for easy recycling. The tennis balls are shipped to a recycler and remade into tennis balls.


Tennis players recognize a significant environmental problem and agree that U.S. tennis players need to change their habits and recycle their tennis balls. Typically, tennis players open a new can of tennis balls every time they play because of the quick decline in pressure and the lack of consistency in previously played balls. Nationwide ...

Recycleballs.org – Yellow is the New Green

Tennis Express is committed to inspiring athletes to play their best game! They also want to preserve the environment by raising awareness about the importance of recycling tennis balls. Their efforts include publishing educational content, hosting collection drives, and organizing a variety of contests.

Recycling And Reusing Your Tennis Balls | Tennis Express

You can get involved by: Recycling and reusing your tennis balls. Sending used balls to RecycleBalls.org. Donating online at www.RecycleBalls.org. Encouraging other players to Go Green. Hoping for a day where no tennis ball is tossed into a landfill, Tennis Express and Recycle Balls are committed to raising awareness with this new partnership.

How to Recycle Tennis Balls – RecycleNation

Most curbside recycling programs will not accept tennis balls, although it is worth checking to see if they will take the plastic canisters that hold new tennis balls. Canisters made by Penn, a leading tennis ball manufacturer, are made of plastic #1 (also known as PET or PETE), which many curbside programs do in fact accept.

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TerraCycle has created a zero waste solution for athletic balls. Use this box to recycle any type of sports ball.

Articles - RecycleBalls: Repurposing Used Tennis Balls

We are a unique Recycling solution. We invested nearly two years in full R&D to develop and install a one of a kind PLAY IT GREEN machine that removes 99% of the felt from tennis balls. The resulting crumb rubber material called GREEN GOLD is used in new tennis courts and other products.

48 Ways To Recycle and Reuse Tennis Balls

Those brightly colored tennis balls should still be of reasonable quality, and you should wait until you’ve saved up a large amount. Recycle Tennis Balls– (UK) Collects old tennis balls and sends them to dog charities and rescue homes. You can send your old tennis balls to them or they have a list of where you can drop off old tennis balls.

Tennis Ball Recycling Challenge (Day 3) - YouTube

Join me this week on the third day of my four part tennis balls recycling challenge! How many will I collect this week? Let's get trashed together and find o...