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Thanks John for once again giving us the spot on info. I think if anyone wants to play tennis with minimal stroke exertion and maximum results well into one's 40's and beyond, McEnroe is the gold standard. Even now, watching him move his opponents around, front and back on the Sr tour, is something to behold.

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For years now McEnroe has told television audiences that he used the same grip (Continental) for his serve and his volley, and he never changed grips on his volleys. The implicit lesson for millions of players is: if McEnroe, one of the game’s greatest volleyers, didn’t change grips on his volleys, then neither should I.

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John McEnroe Until the mid-1970s, three of the four major tournaments were played on grass, so the Continental grip had a long life as the forehand grip of choice among the game’s players.

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World class champions who that use the Continental Grip include Ilie Nastase, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. It is interesting that one can hit every shot in tennis effectively with the Continental Grip, but this would be very difficult to do with a Western or Semi-Western grip.

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Let’s break down his game in regards to the four areas of Tennis! 1. Technical Forehand. McEnroe has a very solid forehand with a compact swing! His grip looks like a classical eastern grip with his index knuckle probably on bevel number 3. He swings inside-out and uses his body to generate power.

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Everybody in the world knows John McEnroe, one of the biggest tennis legends of all time. During the early 80s, especially from 1981 to 1984, he could have been considered as almost unbeatable. When he retired in 1992, he looked back to a career filled with uncountable victories on the Tennis Tour. 170 weeks as World Number 1, 77 single titles ...

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The Service Grip How come John McEnroe starts his serve with the head of his racket pointing at and almost touching the ground. It's said he has a continental grip. Go ahead. Hold the standard continental and see if McEnroe's dropped wrist (head down) can be duplicated. It's not only tough, and awkward, it's nearly impossible.

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from this position it is only a matter of turning the hips and shoulders back to the ball and allowing the arm to swing and the wrist to do its magic as the last part of the series of movements. mcenroe likes to start the racquet head below the ball and swing the racquet face through without much tilting or maneuvering. it is natural tennis.

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Vintage Dunlop Max 200G John McEnroe Signature Graphite Injection Tennis Ra cquet with Cover L 4/ 4 1/2 Serial Number: 29337 Grip is Fairway by Balmforth of England and is in excellent condition. This co veted racquet is in good used& playable condition.

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