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Soccer is a dynamic game where things change fast and randomly so it cannot be predicted i.e. the robots cannot be pre-programmed. A lot of work has been done in the field of robot soccer to keep the game as close as possible to the real game of soccer. This paper is concentrated on various strategies used in robot soccer.

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Robot Soccer is a platform for research in autonomous multi agent system, which employs numerous fields of physical sciences as well as social sciences. A detailed working of a robot soccer system can be found in Nadarajah and Sundaraj . Basically; the system utilizes a vision sensor as its only sensor, with multi agents working towards a ...

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The soccer robot is a really interesting gadget because it merges our love of soccer and technology. We’ve introduced our young soccer players to things like the LittleBits Inventor Kit and a trip to Code Ninjas to spark an interest in technology and coding but so far the Sphero mini robot has been the most effective.

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Hey guys welcome to our channel please leave a like in this video sorry for the bad English we apologize #soccerrobotDon’t forget to subscribe this channel a...

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Request PDF | Vision in robot soccer: a review | This paper will give readers an overview of the vision system used on Robot Soccer systems. Firstly, it lists out the positioning of the cameras ...

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This Sphero mini soccer review comes after we took the soccer robot on a tournament road trip. This little dude was fun in the hotel and on the sideline. We ...


Remote controls allow each robot to be controlled individually. Players can steer their robots forward and backward as well as left and right. Each robot also has a magnetic boot on its front side that lets it capture and hold the soccer ball included with the game. A button on the top of the remote control lets a robot give the ball a kick.

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robot better at playing soccer. Innovations in technology like this often start because of the need to make technologies better. There are many creative ways to make your robot better at soccer. Choose the ones that you think are your best. Respond to the questions below in your engineering notebook: