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Salary Expectations - ICE HOCKEY JOBS

German DEL 2 – 20,000 to 40,000. Austria, Italy, Slovenia ALPS League – 15,000 to 40,000. Denmark Metal Ligaen – 15,000 to 35,000. France Magnus – Under 50,000. Slovakia Extraliga – Under 40,000. Sweden Division 1 – Under 35,000. Finland MESTIS – Under 35,000. German Oberliga – Under 30,000. France Division 1 – Under 20,000

How Much Do Hockey Players Make In Europe?

Allsvenskan Salary: 18,000-48,000 Euro. Sweden Division 1 Salary: 10,000-25,000 Euro (high end + only imports) Denmark Metal Ligaen Salary: 17,000- 39,000 Euro. Germany DEL2 Salary: 20,000-45,000 Euro. Germany Oberliga Salary: 12,000-32,000 Euro (imports) Erste Liga Salary (Hungary & Romania): 15,000-50,000 Euro. Slovakia Extraliga: 18,000-64,000 Euro

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Ice hockey. Founded. [ []] No. of teams. 110 in 11 divisions. Country (ies) Sweden. The Swedish Division 2 is the fourth level of Swedish ice hockey. Its top teams earn the right to compete for promotion to the Swedish Division 1 .



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The top teams in Sweden have a salary cost of 7.5 million to 8.5 million Euros (per the 2014-15 annual report) with one extreme team, HV71, that had a bad season, panicked, and brought in 10.5 ...

What are player salaries like in the European leagues? : hockey

The top payed players in the SHL make just above 2mil Swedish Kronor per year pre-tax. That would be around $250k. That number is only based on tax-reports though since the salaries are not public. The salaries are bound to rise when the new TV deal kick in next year though.

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pro a and pro b are actually considered 2nd devision, though pro a is above pro b. so you could also see them as 2nd and 3rd division. in the pro a and pro b player's salary can be quite different, but i would say in average you probably get like 1500-2000 euros a month, a car and an appartment as an american. as a german, your salary range could be from 400 euros a month up to the same the americans earn.

Elite Prospects - Swedish Hockey League (SHL)

Elite Prospects - Swedish Hockey League (SHL) Database: 885 008 players. Last added: Daniel Lsyak. Happy Birthday: Alexis Lafrenière (20 yrs) and 1 155 more players. Scoring Leaders.

Play Hockey In Sweden: Division 2

Division 2 is the fourth level of hockey in Sweden and there is some good hockey played at this level and opportunity for imports. Because of the quality difference between the 2 southern series and the rest, I am only going to list the teams for those divisions.