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Leg Kick on the Serve – What is yours?

The USTA has an 8 stage model of the serve – which finishes with a pronounced back leg kick (featuring Andy Roddick, the previous model was Maria Sharapova) But what of Serena’s serve, the acknowledged best ever single stroke in the history of women’s tennis. To my eye the difference is whether one’s energy is going up toward the ball, or moving forward into the court.

Keys to the Kick - Tennisplayer.net

This serve is the most basic kick serve and most players will use it for the second serve a large percentage of the time, especially on hard courts. When well executed this serve is heavy and difficult to deal with because it can bounce well above the returner's preferred contact height.

How To Improve Your Tennis Kick Serve - 7 Drills - YouTube

How To Improve Your Tennis Kick Serve - 7 DrillsWhat is a kick serve in tennis, why would we use it and when?What - The kick serve, in simple terms, is a top...

Leg Drive On The Serve - YouTube

The leg drive on the serve is a fascinating subject. Is it a leg drive or a jump at all? When someone jumps they will bend their upper body down and then pus...

The Tennis Serve Broken Down - Busy Tennis Players

Leg Push. From the trophy pose you push with your legs. When the racket has completed its drop pointing towards the court your legs should be fully extended and you should be on your toes or just above the ground as Roddick shows in image 4. Swing to Contact (Image 5) Swing up to the ball with the edge of the frame as shown in image 5.

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How to hit a Kick Serve - It's Simple! - YouTube

Master the Kick Serve in 20 Mins. Get your free video tutorial by Tom Allsopp at https://tpatennis.com/kickGet your serve analysed by Tom Allsopp at tpatenni...

3 Types of Tennis Serves: Flat, Slice, and Kick Instruction

The kick serve gets its name from how the ball jumps or kicks up off the ground as a result of heavy topspin applied to the ball. Advantages. Consistency: With time and practice, the kick serve can develop into an incredibly consistent and reliable serve for players of all levels. The consistency comes from the fact that the kick serve is hit high above the net with significant topspin, which causes the ball to drop back into the service box.

TENNIS SERVE | Leg Drive On Serve - YouTube

Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at...