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1. Multiple styles of uniform bottoms may be worn by teammates and may include: shorts, spandex, pants or skirts. 2. A visible undergarment may be worn under the uniform bottom. It shall be unadorned and of a single, solid color similar to the predominant co lor of the uniform bottom and may extend below the uniform bottom. ART. 2 . . . The libero uniform top must clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the team uniform top,

Volleyball Uniform Rules and Regulations

The volleyball uniform consists of a top and bottom or sometime a one-piece. The top and bottom piece must be of like or coordinating colors. The uniform top must be skin tight, but cannot expose the midriff, and it must be long enough to be tucked into or hang below the waistband of the bottoms.

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2. *NEW* - Uniform Bottoms may differ in style and cut but must all be the same color for all regular players ( non-Libero). 3. Uniforms must be numbered in a permanent manner using Arabic numerals. a. Numbers 1-99 are legal. Numbers 0, 00- 09 are not legal and will not be permitted b. Number minimum height: Front 4"; Back 6".


2, shall wear a like‐colored uniform top and bottom, one or two pieces: a. Like‐colored uniform top: 1. Bare‐midriff tops are not allowed. 2. The uniform top must hang below or be tucked into the waistband of the uniform bottom when the player is standing upright. 3.

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High School Volleyball Uniforms. The Basics: A standard high school volleyball uniform consists of jersey, shorts, gym shoes, socks and knee pads. Jersey: No midriff, may tuck in, or hang below waist. Undergarments: The color of undergarments must match primary color of uniform. Numbers, logos and trademarks.

Uniform Guidelines - Delta Region Volleyball

Uniform guidelines are available HERE. USAV has developed a new website to allow teams to submit jerseys for approval. Club directors can click here to get approval for their jerseys before they are printed (allow 5 days to process.) The USAV Rules Interpreter will review your jersey designs and provide an approval form indicating what jerseys may be worn in combination with each other.


It is laterally limited by two short lines, each 15 cm long, drawn 20 cm behind the end line as an extension of the side lines. Both short lines are included in the width of the service zone. 1.3.2, 12, D1b In depth, the service zone extends to the end of the free zone. 1.1. OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2017-202013.


The FIVB requires 3 sets of uniforms in different colours and recommends having a total of 6 uniforms available (2 of each colour) for each athlete. Opposing team has to wear uniforms of clearly contrasting colours and to avoid the use of white as recommended by the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and the FIVB. Before each match, the